We have been working with shell bouquets since 2011, and we have gained a lot of experience in the field.

Secret of elegance is hidden in genuine accessories…

Therefore in our atelier seashell wedding bouquets are custom made of carefully selected shells, according to individual designs.

Wedding Day is one of the most unforgettable moments in life – we give it unique touch.

Our team of professional designers is devoted exclusively to creating unique seashell bouquets.

… and sheer beauty is timeless

Seashell bouquets, complemented with floristic elements and jewelry are ageless. They don’t need to be dried to become a wonderful keepsake of the wedding day.  Thanks to our seashell bouquets evanescent moments last not only on photographs.

Wondrous seashell bouquets

Designed and custom made bouquets and accompanying accessories compliment the wedding gown.

If you seek for outstanding character of the ceremony – our bouquet of sea treasures, with a sough of tropical waves in its conches will make invaluable addendum.

Have a little tour of our sea inspired creations and visit our Portfolio site.