Stylist’s advice

Stylist’s advice

Seashell bouquet: when and for whom? 

A seashell bouquet is the latest trend, but we don’t have to worry that soon similar bouquets will pop up on every wedding ceremony.

Such decorations ideally complement outstanding occasions: beach weddings, small seaside churches, but also sea theme ceremonies, whatever the actual location is.

In such circumstances our bouquets flourish, harmonizing with the Bridal gown and calling into mind the sound of sea waves and riches of exotic seas. 

Due to the fact that every bouquet is custom made to match the Bride’s dress, our bouquets can imitate certain elements of the dress, but also add a touch of spice to the whole styling. 

The most popular colors of sash used in seashell bouquets are all shades of whites, ecru, ivory, delicate pink, peach, but also grey and all shades of blue (the superstitious will be pleased having something blue in their bouquets).

We have to remember that making such bouquets takes at least 2 weeks, plus the time the client needs to discuss the project with the designer, and the time required for shipping.

Wedding sets are a solution worth considering if you value coherence in style. Thanks to that the bouquet, hair clips, and other hairpieces,

Bridesmaids’ bouquets, flower girls’ mini bouquets, Groom’s boutonniere, car accessories and everything else you require will be crafted by the same designer ensuring such coherence.

Additionally, having all necessary accessories ordered at the same place saves you time and stress connected with wedding preparations, since the young couple do not have to worry about matching the décor: they accept the style they like and they are sure that  can rely on us.