About us

About us

Here at the e-Koncept atelier a team of visual artists, florists and consultants cooperates over every seashell bouquet. One might say that it is just a bouquet – only one of the elements of the wedding apparel – but for us, and probably you too, if you are reading this text – it is so much more. Therefore we pay so much attention to even the smallest detail, selection of seashells, flowers, jewelry elements to bring about a design perfectly matching your wedding gown and the place of the wedding ceremony. We design, advice, help and put utmost care so that you feel comfortable cooperating with us.

But I am not a visual artist, not even a florist…

I am a lecturer and a translator. And I never thought, that wedding decorations would turn out to be my life passion. What’s more, I didn’t even come up with the idea myself. It started with  my husband, who proposed to me on the beautiful beach of the exquisite Sandpearl Resort in Florida. We wanted our wedding to be as romantic as the engagement, so we chose the same place. A beach wedding meant a totally different set of clothes, decorations, and accessories than a traditional church ceremony. My dream dress had to be light and  airy and the accessories matching the atmosphere. The wedding cake and the menu were smoothly arranged long-distance. The bouquet was a different thing. It was more personal. It had to be „mine”. Since I am a perfectionist, it meant a lot to me to be able to look into it personally, to make sure it was exactly as I had envisioned it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a florist who specialized in seashell bouquets, who would make such a bouquet for me. I decided to give it a try and make it myself. The result outran not only my expectations, but many people’s around. Somebody suggested creating similar works for other Brides.

And here I am. Since that time I have made many bouquets, I have been constantly perfecting the technique, experimenting with various materials. I have also gathered a team designers, visual artists and florists who share my passion. Together, we make even the most complicated projects come true, and our shared ideas complement one another in a way which may sometimes surprise even us.

If you would like to experience cooperation with us and entrust us with a very original theme of your wedding, do not hesitate to contact me. Supporting you with the preparations for this important moment of your life will be great pleasure to us.

With best regards,

Anna M. Dabek