How to order

Placing an order is quite easy, let us lead you through the process;

Step 1: Contact our atelier at in English, German or Polish.

Our consultant will talk to you about your expectations, and gather information on the theme and preferred style of the Wedding.

If you have already decided on the wedding dress, we ask you to send us a picture, since it is the wedding gown that becomes the most important inspiration for the bouquet.

Step 2: Time of intensive work for us.

Our team of designers debates over the project of your bouquet, within the drawn budget.

Suggestions and proposals are presented to our client.

If met with acceptance, a contract  describing the project, regulating deadlines and payments is being signed. Advance payment is required at this stage.

Step 3: Our efforts intensify.

We carefully select seashells and complementing elements.

The shells are being cleaned, polished and processed, so at to bring out their beauty.

Afterwards a construction of the bouquet is being prepared and the composition is being done.

We may send photographs of every stage of the process for your approval. Thanks to that you may exercise full power over the final look of your bouquet – starting with the choice of individual shells to the kind of sash you’d pick.

Step 4: Grand finale!

Your finished bouquet is thoroughly photographed and the pictures are send for your approval.

If no changes are required we wait for the rest of the payment and prepare the bouquet for shipping.

Step 5: Safely packed bouquet is delivered via forwarding company straight to your door.

Our bouquets can be send worldwide.

Durable, high quality materials and packaging make it possible for the bouquets to travel safely even to the most remote places.