Terms and Deadlines

Every Bride-to-be has a more or less clearly specified expectations concerning this exceptional day.

Some have dreamed about it for years, carefully planning every detail, others decide about the character and atmosphere of their wedding on the spur of the moment.

To meet your expectations and deadlines all works at our atelier are carefully planned ahead to meet a deadline even with an annual schedule in mind. Therefore, a bouquet can be ordered even a year ahead, and installments can be made.

We suggest the shipping of bouquets to be done at least 2 weeks prior to the ceremony, (4 weeks in case of international shipment) to allow for a safe margin of time.

Customized bouquets are time consuming. Due to processing, cleaning, and polishing of the shells it lasts 2 weeks on average, excluding consultations, payments and other matters not strictly related to the actual production of the bouquet.

We also offer EXPRESS services, i.e. 7-30 days on the whole, however the cost of it is 30% higher, since it requires higher labor input and people involved, over those already scheduled in our regular agenda.


 “The impossible we do at once; the miraculous takes a little longer,